Ellipsys Foundation

Foundation can be rapidly implemented as the base for a new web-based system. The Foundation consists of a toolset and web components that allows for the rapid development of web pages, web services and interfaces that can be handed over as a complete solution to clients for their own enhancements and maintenance.

Security is integrated in the foundation of the system and applied throughout the system based on user roles, names and permissions. The Foundation also includes restriction of personal identifiable information such as ID numbers and bank details. All sensitive information is encrypted when stored in the database and obfuscated when displayed.

The Foundation provides functions for communication via email, SMS, report generation, file transfer and calling specified services. These communications can be set to be triggered when any event is executed.

Foundation allows common controls to be defined and used throughout the system for a consisted developer and user experience. Foundation includes standard controls for managing addresses, banking details, contact details, GPS locations and lookup values including titles.