Data Integration

The Data Integration Engine allows the Evolve Insure system to transfer and import files in most data formats (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .xml etc) from external systems such as broker systems into the Evolve Insure system.
The Data Integration Engine also allows for real-time interfaces through web services and APIs for authenticated external system to request and send data to the Evolve Insure system.

Data can be imported from the various systems and be processed through the Data Validation and Business Rules Engine to enrich the data, validate that the data meets the required standards and rules and also apply business rules to the data, for example only policy records with an authority to debit attached will be allowed to go In Force.

The Data Integration Engine can also query external systems such as TransUnion or broker systems in real-time for data exchange. Data can be extracted from Evolve Insure to feed into a data warehouse or another insurer system in various formats on automated schedules or in real-time.

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