Evolve Core

Evolve Core is the heart of the efficient user experience provided by Evolve Insure and includes the Productivity Tools that provide functionality to access frequently used information faster and more efficiently as well as to collaborate with other divisions through the system.


Pin frequently used clients, policies and claims to a “favourite” list so that they can be accessed easily without requiring a search


Allows the user to select items to “follow” so that they stay informed of any significant event on that item. For example a policy can be followed and the user will be informed when the policy is accepted and if there is an unmet or claim on the policy.

To Do

The To Do tool is a combination of a To Do list, a diary, case management and workflow.


Feedback allows users to message each other within the system to request or provide feedback on any item, with a link to the item so that a full audit trail of communication can tracked.

Notifications and Scheduled Events

Notifications are used to inform the user when an event of interest has occurred that affects them like a scheduled report being completed.



Tags allow users to add additional references to items such as clients, policies, items and claims. Tags can be used to identify campaigns, policies linked to a specific sales person or even potential fraud - #Caution.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.

- Paul J Meyer -

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